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moscow davi on sunday saw do not buy with russia spots at five one which month the end of coach lane i am wary because of him but reports. after being thrashed three nil at home by barcelona in the champions league on tuesday had left spartak without even the hope of europa league qualification from group g. the worst thing that could have happened to a night emery's man was losing the moscow darby to denominate sunday but that's what happened as the white and blues hammered down across city rivals five one the cumulating defeat anding the spanish coach's career at sparta after just five months in charge the sponsor shareholders have decided to sack a night emery the next coach will be announced over the next couple of days the forty one year old had signed a two year deal with the moscow side in june the tanf after leaving balance here where he finished third in la legal for three consecutive seasons despite inconsistent results and an unpredictable school dirty asian in the mastic and champions league spot i go on a lanyard fiddlehead ensured amorous position was safe however the damage in the
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run off to defeats in a week with a cumulative scoreline of eighty one meant the coach time in moscow was it and then in contrast the opposite story was true at the start of the season for opponents denominate as they sacked coached at a gay silken of day four he lost to spartak in august after just three games. and appointed dunn but the asco who took some time to improve denominator results but they have finally shaken off their bowling story the latest win follows on from they are refused decision this week to more than my three nil technical beat three over the archrival xeni after last week's scandal at him q when the match was abandoned at one nil off to goalkeeper bond on show me was he'd buy a flat so sunday's triumph at the luzhniki standing room with alex on the korean and the gears and each netting a brace became their third in a row seen deny my right to ninth now only five points behind seventh place spartak there we lost a season's first derby for
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a nail and we have to fight back and so somewhere deep inside we kept that in mind and we wanted to make the fans happy so. do i was successfully bones back after the flare scandal as the white and blue thrash spartak with a barrel it tested reserve keep it between the sticks how it would do no will still have to play the next game behind closed doors which might yet affect done but the risk is improving side concern about archie must go. now to the ice wisconsin petersburg a fired coach miller despite getting joint top of the k h l within a must go he have a bust a boy to thank for the latest win but funny on his will. alexander ovechkin and nicklas backstrom the washington capitals front line has been reunited in the cage shelf grew up in rolling for reigning jam fast anonymous skilled we can leaven saw the blue and white still jump on the league with the sweet making it an impressive fifteen points in just done game still bore the muscovite side those who
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produce the back of the week against their stud. dremiel down hey it was back from his birthday and this is how they partied flooding back with floyd. with four of them produced by the first line reinforced by one of last season's heroes leo camaro was just returned to the nama and the show was still on by the birthday boy with his skating skills. done now with some great net mining there by alex on the laws from the it was nancy and jeff glass from c b. meanwhile a comment to. produce his third shout out in twelve gauge show game so far and
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definitely this a one week out of history for a gift for neil young. threshing the common man away and feeling confident in life. opinions differ so choose the heat of the week yourself it's either steep on the conduit from a. boy to anybody from worries. and to more beautiful gill surrounds the best these we've had all four onwards we get a severe dangling his way through the green of a business the founders who set up need to again for a go. and sky meet because and going more than some just hearing denial may is the basis to prove this game is about speed and intelligence.
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r.t. . so after all that here's the best of the rest from the world of sport. on monday in sport couldn't get any funnier as dozens of clowns slugged it out in the tense version of their and then picks in mexico the colorfully dressed entertainers discovered who is best at tug of war a trial issue relating race and they also made quite a splash in the pool during the funny diving event all this was to raise money for food donations. but on tuesday while number four rafael nadal was back in the swing of things that were turning from a knee injury to training on the hob ports of his native majorca the eleven time major winner has been out since wimbledon nearly five months ago but aims to play at the australian open in january.
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then on wednesday just a week after that and the rhythm of each netted he has won the strike says repeated the feat the front center back tested the board before firing him this stunning bicycle kick as ac milan one three won it and elects to qualify for the knockout stage of the champions league. and on thursday former liverpool manager rafael benitez was getting the blues after being named interim chelsea boss until the end of the season the spaniard replaced with thirty two days after the european champions lost three nil at eventers and drew his opening game nil nil against manchester city. then on friday manchester united manager sir alex ferguson joked he'd outlive death as a statue of the seventy year old was unveiled at old trafford after twenty six years england's longest serving club manager has guided the red devils to thirty seven
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trophies including twelve domestic titles and two champions league crowns. and on saturday it was a case of a man overboard after an american bob slayer overturned during that world cup run in canada luckily both four men converged on the state while the event was dominated by russia's alexanders of golf and as the defending champions made it three wins from three this season. were all the sunday red bull's sebastian vettel recovered from a collision on the first lap to finish a six at a rain hit brazilian grand prix which was enough to claim his third consecutive well drivers' title i just three points michael fernando alonso a ferrari finish second behind jenson button that all becomes the youngest driver in history to win three well titles and the first to win three in
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a row. hundred asked for now it does go mosco secured i took sixteen spot in the year only after winning seventy eight sixty one time to parties on belgrade run kozyrev takes a closer look at the team gunning for sevens european crown. says scott moscow is one of only a handful of themes that the russians for stands can be true to be proud of meeting their outstanding international performance of course the muscovites reached the euro final twelve times winning those battles that are only second to reality dream in terms of balls trophies won. the continental basketball powerhouse a skull went through a major make over its way to its world following their disappointing purely final defeat to greek olympiakos key players on break you didn't go and alex a show that made their way to the n.b.a. after that and legendary coach you're not skiles allows gus was replaced with another familiar face at torrey messina will help the team when they get really
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twice in the last six years and finding the right balance with the new squad was his primary task. on the first day of his return to moscow however whether the roll through is half new or not winning everything is almost a requirement for anyone supporting the army in minsk uniforms knowing you are going to scare you expected to fight them to the very last game in every competition for sure that everybody wants. to be in final four but also i think that the bit if you just admitted bolton because it is becoming a very important league. sonny weans is one of three american players who join says call this year while his combat troops dion's a christmas and arab league jackson are getting up to speed with the rest of the team forwards weems already managed to become one of the euro league's top five scorers averaging over sixteen points per game the forwards are on the raptors store now aims to what it all with say scott we can be no the best team a year you know right now you know we still try to find each other so you know once
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we put all the pieces together you know and the crazy thing about it though we still winning games and we're not playing the best so just imagine if we know if everything just clicked i was. russians beat that i could have bought xander kaun and i'm from bonecrusher along with the serbians are still dosage and not just each remained the core of the team from last season carrying device will know how i feel winning squad and the now hold to bring a triple crown to this title hungry basketball club from on-call sorority scope. now from the kings of the course to a queen of the ring where a young russian student is taking the walls a women's kickboxing by storm but i chose reveals all oh maybe russified says have trained that the most are books in academy from various neighborhoods so what's a high school and one of the races that is the most entire boxing champion of the twenty one year old is a student by day and the fight somebody starts and looks can be deceptive
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especially with the scene young. bank of us studies close design psychology and loves to draw and read but when she gets into the ring she becomes a face for it are not to be reckoned with crowned russian toy boxing champion in march two thousand and eleven anastasia came into the sport after eight years of karate and fell in love with the discipline how does one of the most aggressive martial arts much to the horror of her mom. my mother didn't take it very well at first she was relieved when i stopped fighting that there was no more karate and then i started all over again but she's fine with it now and will come to my fights aside from her passion for martial arts young covers love for finds art led her to design her own tattoo a dragon which she really symbolizes and inspires her as a fighter and so far the twenty one year old has won all three of her w five professional fights though she also attributes her success to her interest in
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psychology. there's more to sport than just the body it's mostly about what's inside you and winning is about fifty percent of physical shape and fifty percent what's in your head there are many good sportsman who once in their range start feeling sort of lost because there are people watching because they feel the pressure and there is no sign of the skills they demonstrate during training you have to learn to overcome it the following day yankovic clinch the latest a five three victories when she faced a nine bene russian opponent marino monaco in moscow the russian showed her class from the first bell and by monarchy did retaliate she simply couldn't brook yank over who won all three rounds but wasn't satisfied with my performance but the other shows me i'm not pleased with myself i know what i can do i see myself practice and i see the difference when i'm competing and it's said to realise that i can do better despite thinks the twenty one year old remains a pioneer in a sport which she's passionate about and is keen to share that infusing as
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a man believed to help inspire others to follow. dreams to do better for you guys it's never too late to start anything if you want to do something no matter how would you are go and try it out if you don't like it you can always stop but i think it's a sin not to try something you really want to do. you can launch owns. moscow . well that's all football but staging the ball save the brakes. culture is that so much a lot of people at home you're able to balance it all for the for so called more or less been falling for decades and you believe it is achieved much beyond horrific budgetary falls and streaming holly wells of the. evening.
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in the. mission of free accreditation free in-store charges free. range month free. free. to tide free. download free blog as well in video for your media projects
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a free media dog r t v dot com. going to be soon which brightened. from phones to question is. whose style totty dot com. welcome back and now to something extremely current it's a slow boat as have flocked to moscow cinema to watch a movie every medical called what is this and consenting to top off went along to find out what it was. the days of shooting still boring movies which only appeal to avid morris seem to have passed as a group of question did adults have spanned the past two years producing
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a film they hope will have widespread appeal their first major broaddrick called what is this promises to be a massive hit not just among snowboarders but across russia where it will be shown in more than twenty cities of what what is this is all about snowboarding to feel what it's like to be a person standing on a boat up in the mountains and when you shoot a movie about snowboarding you have no boundaries you're absolutely free to shoot whatever you like it is the cream of the corp of the nation snowboarders took part in shooting the movie from back country freewriting borders to jabers and the stars of slopestyle the discipline which will make its debut at the sochi olympics in twenty fourteen and the host think they have the potential to reach the podium if we lay the foundations now in protest early for the olympics we have chances to perform well at the winter games being at home will help us and the results from previous competitions make us optimistic what is this took just over
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a year to shoot in chile canada new. no way that alex and russia this particular views enjoy dropping tricks a perfect ingredients for an extreme sports movie but behind the scenes snowboarding remains extremely dangerous. school i made a mistake and flew off a cliff of very high speed when i saw that i was flying with fifty meters below me that was impressive i failed to sleep that night just was there a different styles from different locations from free riding in the alps to be forming tricks in the streets of moscow in helsinki it's all about snowboarding build the russians can boast any major achievements in the sport so far with fifteen months to go until their home winter olympics in a growing way the movie is a spectacle a testament to the sports development in the country concerned about apple r t. from the mountains to the ocean as so many riper to is the only boat in the well to
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race on the european flank and since its launch in two thousand and ten there sailing is more than just a sport for its team. takes the helm for. these build is unique sailing for europe and are presenting the very best the continent has to offer as image is essentially cutting edge technology combined with a grimace board screw up the best sailors from a tipping countries acting as one team removing the idea of european unity in perhaps the best way possible winning race after race you can imagine aids before then mentality and different language. about working together. and that's basically we can say the way that european continent must face in the future back in one thousand nine hundred ninety five project
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founder. had a flash of inspiration. and by two thousand and ten it reached its binnacle with the launch of their second bus so as an eight year old with two cities down to magnus pym boat has been unbeaten the multicultural crew led by three time olympic champion and two time america's cup winner you can schumann has won every race they've taken part in collecting plenty of course records on the way over the drive to achieve more is always there everybody knows that in front of us it is another step and only the best of the best can go all these products that and this is the biggest motivation after diminishing in the minutes raimi and for two years two thousand and thirteen will present new challenges and he's man enough see zooming up the danes in the
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heart of london and a chance to taste victory and then america's cup which will be held in california but what about in the other the sport's most prestigious commissions devotion race they have all the balls the same for the next and that's not our way of doing because we want to be. even in that technology not just in the team on strategy. but investing a lot in the technology and this is the future of say for sim cheech it is also about developing new conditions as one wait to take sailing to higher level we must make something new and why not a new appeal cup. and. making racist between continents this i think could be a very very big fight on the seat on the technology compliant
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on the say saying this point and. we can see. a game can be the go to get on with one of the got well in the race like this as him it would be a safe bet to great great build and something else seems he feels is just as important the reason. you know we know how to bowl he just like they do have a very fast both. very good tell us but no goal in the long play having cadeau either vision. you go fast but i pray. and i think that we are going in the right play. marty. over the past few years the black series in a class nadal has emerged as one of russia's top sporting regions richard dummkopf it reports from the sport mad area with the time that. it may look like
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a lot of concrete and wondering how whether this will soon be one of the biggest sporting complexes in europe when it's completed in few years which will of course be a massive boost for russia's olympic athletes but design looks fantastic and it will include training facilities for twenty different sports a new fifty thousand seat a football stadium and lympics sized swimming pool and a new rowing club amongst other things when sox have on the rights to host the twenty fourteen olympics at the session was made to construct see the difference of course complexes and the cost of their region at the mouth of those concerned the winter sports well obviously the built in such a while those competing at a summer games will train in krasnodar a hand i think this can only be good for developing our support not only in our cities but also in russia. because star has big plans for future the current sports facilities for city has to offer on shabby even this ring facility was opened just
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last year in both new clubs to be opened to the city's sports complex in a couple of years. well rowing has been popular in the city for decades of a sports are beginning to gain a foothold in class and. new arenas a popping up around the city and you basketball team look much impressed about is already becoming competitive in russia's top division more recently an ice hockey stadium also opened up. trust some are as far from being a hopeful hope it better than a very fancy however as a case of a sports mad city the locals are taking to it like ducks to water buffalo bull is always been top dog and cross into with the city being the only in russia to have two teams in the premier league outside moscow fans from the city will digit watching the sporting events something that's really impressed a committee across and us basketball coach if you need to shoot in here and see france in the world i think one of the best friends from russia will see when the moscow you can see the same to g.m.
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sometimes in the cousin nobody can maybe win. but nobody comments. would seem to know but his worst was here in the us and that was performances i don't see sound thousand here before last week peterson said. then russia russia had said. it's a france cross and as we all know being one of the game is cities in russia while much of the country is under a blanket of snow during winter the city in the south of russia has a relatively mild climates which makes di deal those in sports events and training camps. a lot of the olympic federations within russia come here regularly the main pluses is that they can train outdoors all year round and breathe fresh air without having to treat an. indoor complex says as this is the case in other russian cities where the temperature is much colder. building stadiums and sports complexes doesn't come cheap the city bus and on the region are lucky but they are receiving
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a lot of state funding. the sums may be large. these training facilities will be used by hundreds of finds of mine women children and this legacy will ensure the future schools but for some on russia the means borrowing which of them goofy totty fashion. finally to the latest from such a as roman culture ad looks at merion has set to host russia's first ever winter olympics and the news of the coastal cluster of the such a winter games will submit put to the ultimate test built from scratch along with the supporting infrastructure but in fact park is now looking more like the final product than ever the iceberg skating palace is the next in the back setting to go on trial when it welcomes the thinker skating grand prix finale from the six until the night of the suburbs and by the way tickets are already on sale so get yours now if you can the bolshoi eyes dome and the jason shy but arena will host a limping ice hockey match as the final touches are now underway at both spots as
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they also prepare for a major international test that ends in earn its one hundred thirteen they've history and construction will soon be over that right now we're in the process of laying down the total market applying the finishing touches we've already got the grosser face here in sight we're doing decoration in furnishings and soon will start comprehensive testing the woods testing all the equipment and facilities in the building while the bolshoi eyes dome is a permanent structure of the neighboring scheiber arena is a movable venue and could even be dismantled and transported to another russian city after the games meanwhile it awaits the under eighteen i saw at the world championships in april of next year. their remit is one hundred percent ready to receive hockey players and guests and host future so he isn't always have to do is turn on all the utilities so now we're cleaning up and furnishing the place and then we'll be ready to open our doors so with just over fourteen months to go
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before the opening ceremony of the sauce which are then things the organizers have announced they are on track to deliver all of the venues with us. works completed ahead of schedule and the upcoming test events are hoped to become yet another milestone on the path to the most successful winter games per month also of artsy moscow. and that's always followed by. the great russian warriors. prevailing over hazards and asperity. to reenact an epic parade through paris. can make complete that triumph. with people's admiration the two hundred. zero zero.
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two news a secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the. wealthy british style.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything is. you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. which was such. a. pity. that. would. play.


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